When the catalogue opens with a quote from Joyce’s Ulysses, it bodes well for a graphic art exhibition. Stanley Donwood is the pen name of notoriously reclusive artist Dan Rickwood. Known for his album covers for Radiohead, the designer still works closely with the band’s singer Thom Yorke. At times it’s hard to tell their work apart, and they take a perverse pleasure in giving nothing away. Stanley Donwood’s polymorphous work is a mesh of na├»ve art drawings and typography, pixels and layouts, painting and collage.

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The catalogue is arranged by chapters that trace the ties between his personal work and his commissions. The many anecdotes and other passages of text describe the meandering discoveries that make up the creative process of a graphic artist. We close the book with a pang of nostalgia for album cover art, which by now is practically ancient history…

Red Maze by Stanley Donwood, 2010, 160 p. Published by Schunk, Netherlands.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.