Galore takes magazine publishing back to its retro roots. Clearly wary of the constraints of modern technology, the editorial team has produced something closer to a fanzine. In an era when publishers are born with a mouse glued to their fingertips and a Mac never out of their sights, Galore seems to be breaking free of fonts and grids to bring the focus back to illustration, scissors, paste and all.

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Galore revels in retro 1970s glam, complete with a pin-up calendar and illustrated and photographed buxom beauties. Black and white features heavily in pages printed on newspaper in a mishmash of font styles. Galore follows the successful formula behind David Bailey’s Ritz, Andy Warhol’s Interview and its French equivalent, Façade. 100 deliciously carefree pages straight out of the sexy sixties.

Galore, n°1, 2012, 100 p.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.