This week, let's explore a cult magazine from the late seventies with a great baseline: "WET, the magazine of gourmet bathing".



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Wet, a Californian magazine which, as its name suggests, deals with what is "wet", all that is wet and that which is all wet. There are only 34 issues from 1976 to 1981, so it’s something of a collector's item.


Because all subjects are valid, provided they show imagination and fantasy: a swimming pool, a baroque bathroom, Turkish baths and medieval spas; wellness, nature, sports, to name but a few.
But in Wet, the "gourmet bathing" of the baseline is a pretext for the ambiguous meaning of some subjects - getting wet in public spaces, for example. The duotone issue is green, its iconography very natural (lots of people in bathing suits), sometimes old school, but always with great ingenuity. Wet is a rare and unique creature, and will become a showcase of 80's imagery.


One topic?
The "social register" of Wet, where all the photos are taken in or around a swimming pool.


The unforgettable the "Wet" T-shirt, and why not check out the book on the history of the magazine: "Making Wet" at Imperfect publishing.

Wet, n°6, 1977, 36 pages.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.

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