That’s just how it is: we’ve been paying attention to fashion photography, displaying a certain degree of respect since luxury started to occupy a growing place in our societies, let’s say since the 90s. 

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And the growing number of advertising campaigns remains an exercise for us to observe, where the photographer’s style and the brands’ identity combine. However, there was a before, quite unlike what we know now, a sign that nothing is permanently fixed in time. From the full portrait, a real document, to the pictorial reference, from modernism to realism, from surrealism to the Second World War, fashion photos have embraced the ups and downs of their times and provided a conception of the garment, of appearance and of sociality. 

"The History of Fashion Photography" follows its thread until the 70s, bringing us to Avedon and Penn, to the revolution of the 60s where the body took precedence over the garment, then to the 70s, when Bourdin and Newton would challenge with their shapes. This trip of over one hundred years is preceded by a preface by Yves Saint Laurent, a man particularly attentive to the photographic medium.


"The History of Fashion Photography", by Nancy Hall-Duncan, published by Alpine Book Company, 1979, 240 p.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.

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