Book Corner #9: 'Site: Architecture as Art'

The book corner section highlights the most original aspects of Californian culture all summer long, through works selected and reviewed by Angelo Cirimele. His pick of the week is the 1980 monograph published by radical architecture studio SITE, known for its aesthetic approach that challenges perceptions about where a building ends and landscape and surroundings begin.

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“My armchair is comfortable and I must admit that, despite my curiosity, I appreciate architecture better in images than in reality. From photographs, models, 3D images... to the extent that sometimes it becomes unreal, like a game or an intellectual construct. It is for just this reason that I reserve a certain fondness for the SITE architects; they bring poetry into reality, such as when a facade falls off a building, as bricks tumble from walls or cars become moulded to the asphalt of parking lots. They are as attentive to the building as they are to the environment, and view architecture principally as staging. This book is an overview of their achievements (including the nine commercial stores designed for BEST of Virginia) during the 1970s. It makes me want to travel.”

'Site, Architecture as Art', 1980,112 p. Ed. Academy ├ęditions, London.

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