Balloons in all shapes and colors, showers of confetti, macarons to cotton candy, giant table football, a string of pinatas, a cute mini nurse, a skateboard ramp, a kissing stand, a band that played at the furious pace of Britney Spears, an intergalactic ping pong table, a fishing booth, tattoos done by The Scott Campbell, Swedish massage by Swedes, a giant coloring wall, a bowling alley, a larger than life Barbie, a wheel of fortune controlled by a green crocodile, a dance class to learn the classic moves of Michael Jackson, MC Hammer and Beyoncé, a chocolate cooking class with Cooklette, Antoine Doisnel on a big screen and catching the flying KENZO t-shirts shot into the air by guns.......... A joyful celebration orchestrated by 2manydjs and Ed Banger had the crowds dazed and amazed.

Happy Birthday Colette! 

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