The Constellation print has the skies of the Kenzo universe reaching for the stars. Read on for a closer look...


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A constellation is a cluster of stars grouped close enough together that we can connect the dots to sketch out a geometric figure across the canopy of heaven. Every inch of the sky is connected to one of the 88 constellations that currently carpet the heavens.

Western tradition bisects the sky into the constellations of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The Chinese meanwhile chalk up a total of 280 constellations, some of which contain no more than a single lone star. We have a post coming up on that topic in the next few days...

The Earth never stops turning, but the stars stay more or less in one place, which is why different constellations can be seen at different times of the year. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are two that remain visible all year round, while other constellations (at least in Europe) can only be seen for part of the year. Orion only puts in an appearance in the winter, but in the summer months keep your eyes open for a glimpse of Lyra.
Orion and Ursa Major have occupied pride of place in civilizations and cultures throughout the ages. Their popularity shines on for the simple reason that their brighter stars can be seen more easily.