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Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda are Nguzunguzu, DJs and producers hailing not only from Los Angeles but also from that hyperactive corner of the global urban dancefloor where genres meld and proliferate. In their widely acclaimed mixes, mainstream R&B discovers its tropical roots, rap finds secret affinities with Caribbean zouk and Angolan kizomba, Chicago footwork gets into a surprise cipher with UK grime and musique concrète—it's pop at its most glorious. Their records, like "Timesup" released last summer by Fade To Mind, sound like the second coming of Timbaland for the YouTube rips generation.  They've offered a soundtrack of bass, noise and melody to our FW12 runway show, so we wanted to know them a little bit better. 

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You seem to appeal equally to the art crowd, the club-goers and the music nerds. What are your current favorite visual artist, DJ/producer and obscure track?

Fatima Al Qadiri and Subtranca are our favorite visual artists. 

DJs: Total Freedom and Kingdom!

I love this white label of Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" jungle mix



How did you go about assembling the amazing mix you did for the Kenzo FW12 show?        

A lot of catwalking around our apartment! No joke! Well, Humberto and Carol explained they wanted something really upbeat for the show, describing "interiors" as one of the inspirations, and attaching photos of the breathtaking space for the show. This was super inspiring, and we just went from there!


Can you tell us a bit about your band with Total Freedom and Kingdom? Is improv (still) a big part of your recording process? 

Yes definitely! That is how we all work together. We sync so well that alls we have to do is press record. 


Coming from Martinique, one of the birthplaces of zouk, I loved your "Perfect Lullaby" mix. Could you recommend a couple of zouk songs or remixes?  

Cool! U probably have a lot of great zouk tracks too! Hmm, a couple not on our mix are: Mariah Carey, Touch My Body (Phraze remix) and Rihanna, Rehab (Peejay remix).


Listening to your "Moments in Love" mixtape, I couldn't help thinking about those ragga comps with twenty guys jumping on the latest riddimDo you have a favorite version?

Hahah totally! I have this rip from MySpace that Kingdom gave me by this girl Katarina called "Break Up". It's my fav version at the moment.  


Do you have some new releases on the horizon? Some touring?

We are touring US now!!!! We have an EP release coming soon on Hippos in Tanks and also a follow up on Fade to Mind!!!! #2012