Trying to find the perfect holiday gift in the midst of all the holiday madness? Humberto is here to help! He's made this gift guide to some of his favorite KENZO pieces that he's picked up for loved ones (but not always telling for whom!), or been eyeing for himself!


1. These pants are in my favorite marble diamond print!


2. I love for everything possible to be reversible, and this puffy jacket that reverses from paisley to solid red is one of the best examples of reversibility in action


3. I got this sleeveless medallion print top for my mom for her birthday. The flair at the waist is super cute on her!


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4. This pink wool sweater and skirt combination has some of my favorite knit pieces and they're awesome together!


5. I'm obsessed with the amount of flair these cute jeweled snap buttons bring to this button-up blouse.


6. The combination of the green paisley logo stitched onto this sweatshirt in blue is my favorite colorway!

7. I have these medallion print shoes and they're so comfortable with the strong sole and soft top together.


8. The little tiger guy on this K-shaped keychain will spruce-up anybody's keys!


9. We just had to put the medallion print on pants too, and I love the way the subtle colors of this one come off together!


10. Can you tell we had a lot of fun designing this color-block t-shirt? It's one of my favorite pieces from the collection!