It's Kenzo Time!

It’s KENZO time and we are very happy to announce the launch of a new range of watches for May 2014!

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KENZO TIME, the design-led and innovative new collection of timepieces for men and women, is the result of an extensive and collaborative partnership licensing agreement with specialist watch producer TWC. Designed for fans of the French fashion house, the watches tell the story of the KENZO brand under the creative direction of designers Carol Lim & Humberto Leon.

The new range of KENZO timepieces consists of 9 different series, each of which represents a different facet of the storied fashion houses energy - past, present and future.
every timepiece has been thoroughly considered and illustrates KENZO’s appreciation and dedication for technology, connectivity and individuality.

Models such as the ‘3-point’, ‘70’, ‘rendez-vous’ have their own unique character and explore the varied aspects of fun, design, color, innovation and creation that have made the house a pioneer in the world of fashion today. 

The watches will be sold from the 4th of May on an initial launch exclusively at select Louis Pion retailers in France as well as KENZO stores Paris, Brussels, Milan, London and Madrid as well as through our e-shop.

A worldwide rollout in KENZO stores will occur as of the beginning of August.