As we worked on the Spring Summer 2013 collections, the jungle was our main inspiration. We went on a trip to rural Thailand to find the essence of the jungle, but we also tried to find this idea in our everyday lives in Paris. This started us on our quest to find the jungles of the city - the places where we could find that bit of nature and wildness on our lunch breaks - and we found so many amazing and inspirational jungles within our own stomping grounds. #5 on our list is Quai Branly Museum.



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Musée du quai Branly may not be one of Paris' top tourist destinations, but it deserves to be. The museum itself is dedicated entirely to non-western art, and has an incredible collection of mostly ancient artifacts from "Africa, Asia, Oceania and America… assembled in France over the last five hundred years".

But even though the museum is situated right next to the Eiffel Tower, you really might never see it. As the museum's website states "the museum only reveals itself gradually, and the visitor becomes an explorer. To reach it, he must cross an undulating garden designed to create an impression of remote, untamed greenery." Much of the facade of the building that houses the museum is spectacularly covered in a thick layer of plants ingeniously planted into the facade itself. And the outside is surrounded by yet another gorgeous Parisian garden, filled with enough tall trees and huge shrubs to make it teeming with jungle energy. Inside and out, this is one of our favorite Parisian jungles!

Starting in a couple of days, the exhibition around Philippines could be a could opportunity for you to discover the place.

"Philippines, archipel des échanges".

April 9 - July 07

Quai Branly Museum

37, Quai Branly 75007 Paris