You feel that, Paris? That slightly elevated temperature in the morning? Something in the air is changing, right? ...Right? Okay, we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we're really excited for spring. 

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And since spring is in the air, we thought it's the perfect time to talk about one of our favorite Parisian jungles that is heaven in the spring - the Parc Floral de Paris. It's situated inside of Paris' biggest park, the Bois de Vincennes, which is the eastern most point inside Paris' city limits. 





The garden surrounds and goes straight through Bois de Vincennes' forest, filling the park with incredible flowers, including some threatened and endangered species. The flowers, especially in the spring, in turn attract tons of birds and butterflies, and really turn this unique stretch of wilderness in Paris into a seriously teeming jungle. We can't wait for it to come alive in the coming weeks - we swear we've already seen some bulbs' stems pushing up through the soil!


Parc Floral de Paris
Route du Champ de Manoeuvres
01 49 57 24 84