As you might have guessed from reading our posts since January, the jungle has been our main source of inspiration for the Kenzo Spring/Summer 2013 collection! It all began with the trip to Thailand we posted about yesterday. We thought we’d share some more globetrotting ideas that will hopefully be just as inspiring for you: today we go elephant-spotting in India with a peek at our Fall/Winter womenswear collection!


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“The animal which surpasses all others in wit and mind” was, according to Aristotle, the elephant. In the Western world we marvel at a person’s "elephant memory". In India, where the elephant is considered sacred, the elephant-headed god of wisdom, Ganesh, is a symbol of power and strength.


The Asian elephant is smaller than its African cousin, with differences in its ears, tusks and trunk. Would-be elephant-spotters on safari should leave overrated elephant rides to the tourists and try to observe these creatures in their natural habitat. India is a good place to start: the subcontinent is home to an estimated 25,000 elephants, with many of these living in South India’s Nagarhole National Park. This former royal hunting ground of the Wodeyar dynasty became a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and a national park in 1988, and is soon to be named a UNESCO world heritage site.

See also: the last elephant market, which takes place every year on November 24th at the Sonepur Fair. Over four days every year, 200 to 300 elephants change hands at this enormous market, which is traditionally an occasion for festivities and dancing.