Making our way from Singapore to Africa, our exploration of jungles of the world continues in the theme of our Spring/Summer 2013 collection.
For a unique vantage point on local wildlife, try canoeing down the River Zambezi.  

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Africa’s fourth longest river snakes along 2,750 km (1,708 miles) through Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and is famous for the Victoria Falls, among the world’s largest waterfalls, which were discovered by Scottish explorer David Livingstone and named after the then queen.
The leisurely pace of a canoe safari allows you to savor every last detail of the scenery. Although you won’t be relaxing, all your paddling efforts will likely be rewarded with glimpses of elephants, buffalo, zebras, monkeys, impalas and giraffes stopping for a drink, as well as an incredible variety of birds including herons and pelicans.
A canoe safari can’t be topped for close-range views of hippos and crocodiles, and all sorts of fish that vanish back beneath the surface of the water as quickly as they appear!
There are two recommended itineraries. The first route navigates the Upper Zambezi, following the Namibia/Zimbabwe border all the way to the dizzy heights of the Victoria Falls. The second route crosses the Lower Zambezi National Park, which lies between Lake Kariba and Lake Cahora Bassa, to take in a riverscape of islands that changes every day.