It did not take us long to think about "Wargames" by Chateau Marmont for our "Above the Sky and Beyond" video by Raphael Gianelli Meriano.

The images of the "Wargames" video from Chateau Marmont's US Tour have that same idea of travelling across the world, the same sense of suspended time.


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Like the Sunset Boulevard hotel in Los Angeles, Chateau Marmont (Julien, Guillaume and Raphael) is a band we have heard of for some years now, without really knowing its inside stories.
After producing remixes for Peter Bjorn & John, Ladyhawke, Laroux or Royksopp, having released 2 EPs with Institubes and 1 single with Kitsuné, the Parisian trio is now signed to Arista France / Sony Music for the release of their first album, THE MAZE due for Spring 2013.
This much anticipated debut spans two years of intense work, composing and producing songs.


THE MAZE is the successful artistic combination of three brilliant personalities with offbeat inspirations, real visions and bittersweet nostalgia.

Chateau Marmont will play at the Nouveau Casino on the 6th of March, in Paris.

You can download "Wargames" here.