KENZOPEDIA #13: M for Music

Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, but Carol and Humberto put a whole new spin on the relationship. Music plays a crucial role in our shows, so each season we have teamed with an amazing musician to create the soundtrack. 

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According to Carol, “Music is a very important component to accompany the collections, it creates the tone, helps set the pace". She and Humberto look for musicians and friends who fit the collection and who will dip into an eclectic mix of genres. That’s how actor and musician Jason Schwartzman came to put together a band in which he played drums, Blood Orange immersed the audience in African beat pop, Jamie XX made a mix in Florence, and Nicolas Godin of the French group Air composed a jungle soundtrack.And not to forget M.I.A., who raised the roof of Samaritaine department store with a pitch-perfect eight-minute mix for the Spring/Summer 2013 womenswear show.   

Mike D who brought us back to California at the end of the 80s,or The Aikiu who created this organic, vibrating, dark track in order to raise awareness about overfishing.