Mood of the Week #4: "Push the Sky Away"

Nick Cave's new album with his band the Bad Seeds, "Push the Sky Away", came out this week and we're absolutely enthralled! Nick Cave's been making similarly enthralling music since the early 80s, and over the course of his last fourteen albums with the Bad Seeds, he's explored a great deal of darkness, both real and imaginary. This new album is his fifteenth, and finds him treading new musical territory, though the lyrical content is still firmly in the realm of macabre story-telling. The music itself, without the usual guitar-heavy focus, is illustrated with tiny, often strange loops of that are still no less filled with darkness, and give the album a delicate and otherworldly feel. It's an amazing departure for Nick Cave and the band, that simultaneously recalls his cross-over singer-songwriter period and his earliest, dark and noisy period, and yet still feels totally new! It's quite a feat for any band, let alone one over thirty years into their career. We can't wait to catch the band on the road this spring!

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