Prints of the season #3: Monster


Monster print is one of the stand-out prints of the season, and made its first appearance in the men’s autumn/winter 2014 show


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The films of David Lynch – the core inspiration for Fall/Winter 2014 – are peppered with machines and tools, and Carol and Humberto played on this motif for their KENZO collections. The opening credits for Twin Peaks, for instance, include a disturbingly long 50 second focus on a saw-sharpening machine. They entertained the fantasy that tools could have their own agency, and so the ‘Monsters’ print was born.

Our ‘Monster’ seem to be composed of an assortment of steelworker’s tools left carelessly on the floor, yet there is a strange beauty about them: from another point of view they could be mistaken for the silhouettes of birds of paradise, or floral patterns.

You can find the Monster print on leather jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and shirts for men.