All around Tokyo lately, there have been giant female robots on the back of giant trucks, advertising the mysterious and exciting "Robot Restaurant". 

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So, to make our wildest Tokyo dreams come true, we decided, why not?, and braved the wildest parts of Shinjuku to see just what the "Robot Restaurant" was about. And thankfully we were not let down one bit. 

The "restaurant" only served one kind of bento box for food, and for drinks it was either beer and soda, but we quickly realized that this was not the point. We sat in our seats, the lights went off, and the room quickly started transforming. 

A bunch of dancing girls in sexy, futuristic outfits were quickly joined by so many fantastical things, including dinosaurs, motorcycles, roller-skating robot clowns, robot ninjas, samurai pandas, tanks, all of it covered in neon lights and lasers, and all of which the girls proceeded to dance on and around. There was so much going on at once in the hourlong dinner show, with so much dancing and drumming and so many stunts happening at once; it was an exhilarating culmination of all the fun and insanity of Tokyo!


Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo