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Carol and Humberto are aficionados of new technologies. Their hyper-connected lives are shared online on social networks and KENZO is a playground where they experiment new digital forms of expression. 

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They constantly place innovation at the core of our house codes: last June, for example, they chose to present a holographic version of our Fall/Winter 2013 collection, during the LVMH Journées Particulières. Kenzine and our constant presence on social networks could be an other illustration of this statement and tell everything about Carol and Humberto's inspirations, showing you the behind the scenes and giving you a live coverage of the brand activity. Innovation will also transform our retail more and more with digitalized new spaces, connecting all aspects of the house in a 360° digital experience.

A track from the DVNOLANDIA mixtape used for the “Journées Particulières” video is the perfect excuse to check in with this multi-talented artist and to marvel at his love for African prints and his obsession for GIFs...

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KENZINE: Your DVNOLANDIA mixtape was released online a few days ago. How would you describe it?
DVNO: It’s an explosion of rhythms and layers of sound, of sweaty, tropical vibes, a rollercoaster at the heart of my universe, a throwback to 90s rap, drill, electronica, progressive rock and dance music, as if John Hughes partnered with Thrasher to direct a historic drama in Sao Paulo. It should be consumed without moderation!


K: This is your second mixtape. What do you get out of this format, versus the more classic, typical release of singles?
DVNO: Above all, it’s more relaxed. It lets me bring my ideas together at any given moment. It’s also a way to release the frustration that would interfere musically and contaminate the recording of my album. In short, it’s the tip of the iceberg (these are only my unreleased tracks and my remixes, mixes, and re-edits with the expert help of DJ Pone).


K: The whole thing is very eclectic. Was this a deliberate desire to break free from labels – to not be boxed into a certain style?
DVNO: We were actually already making this music in the mid-90s in my bedroom with two turntables and an old Atari. The fan magazines, the skateboarding, the DJ-ing, the beat making, as well as the punk rock and DIY esthetic were always part of our culture. It’s so fun for us to be able to offer these little digital memory-triggers and to step away a bit from the seriousness and the ambient starkness.


K: How would you describe the esthetic ofyour website? It, too, is a big mix of GIFs, drawings, photos and music!

DVNO: I’m constantly drawing. I’ve always kept sketchbooks and documented my daily life by amassing all sorts of photos, drawings and notes. My site is a window into my adventures – what I’ve got cooking. I do very little promo, if any at all. It’s above all a log of the direction I’m taking and of my personal style.


K: What are your plans for Fall-Winter 2013?
DVNO: I’m going to be releasing a limited series of DVNOLANDIA skateboards in collaboration with ALOUD Agency very soon. I’m going to be doing even more MANIGANCE parties with So-Me. My priority is still my solo album but it’s too early to talk about. I’m planning another mixtape of unreleased music, which I hope will follow this one by the end of the year, and will include other exciting collaborations and new bootlegs.


K: We know about your love for prints. What has been your favorite Kenzo product since the arrival of Carol and Humberto?
DVNO: As a big Vans lover, I couldn’t get a hold of the Bacchus model with those awesome vines fast enough. I tend to go for leopard prints and jungle- and safari-inspired prints. I was recently given a Jungle Camo beach towel that I can’t wait to use for the first time. And I’d love to get my hands on that electric camo windbreaker that perfectly matches the patterns on my CD sleeve.!/dvnolandia


Discover our KENZO Holoshow, a hologram version of our women Fall/Winter 2013 collection, exclusively designed for the L.V.M.H Journées Particulières this weekend at the 18, rue Vivienne.

Recording: Ilan Rosenblatt

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Discover the first images of an exclusive version of the women Fall/Winter 2013 show in holograms that KENZO produced for the second edition of the LVMH Journées Particulières this weekend.

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This weekend, LVMH and the Journées Particulières gave you the opportunity to discover our brand and our last women collection.


A path through our KENZO building.

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Through the studio.

The workshop.

And an exclusive hologram film of the last women Fall/Winter 2013 show.

The registration is now open for a visit of our House during the second edition of Les Journées Particulières !

We will open the door of our headquarters at 18 rue Vivienne to the general public. Visitors will see how KENZO has pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion and gain an understanding of the revitalized soul of a brand that approaches modernity via its unique, innovative vision.



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The program:
Presentation of the House via a tour of 18 rue Vivienne, a historic building dating back to the 17th century that comprises two private mansions – Vivienne and Desmarets.
Guided tour of KENZO's reconstructed ateliers to meet some of the House's artisans.
A 3-D fashion show entirely in hologram.