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The concept of the journey has always been a central theme to the KENZO brand. Kenzo Takada himself was an avid traveler and the footprints from his travels far and wide can be seen in his collections. His successors, Carol and Humberto, remain faithful to this wandering spirit.

Last year, Asia was the inspiration for the collections and for 2014, our adventure takes us to the West Coast of the United States. This Summer, we are driving through California taking in its sundrenched landscapes - both urban and coastal - and in Fall, we'll head up North to the rainy, mysterious cities of the Pacific North-West. 

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For Spring/Summer 2014, Carol and Humberto mixed punk and minimalism to create the graphic prints and cuts of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

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Growing up in Los Angeles during the golden age of Californian punk, the duo was inspired by this aesthetic encompassing music, fashion and visual arts. The famous black and white logo drawn in ink of a cult band from the Orange County scene is called to mind and revisited in the collection in both tops and straight-leg shorts. This scene also conjures up the thought of waves drawn with a black felt tip pen, which were ultimately reproduced on tops and accessories.

Bluefin tuna, rainbow trout, marlin and grouper are four endangered species that are protected by the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE). These four species can be found in an exclusive KENZO pattern available in multiple versions and different colors.

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Thanks to the actions of the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), in just a few years the bluefin tuna went from being endangered to threatened.

KENZO is committed to protecting the marine ecosystem by partnering up with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE)which campaigns against overfishing, endangered fish species and the creation of marine reserves.


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Since marine life is essential to the development of all forms of life, Carol and Humberto want to raise awareness about the devastation caused by overfishing in some major marine areas. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection highlights four endangered species (the bluefin tuna for example) that we find in the iconic prints of the seasonThe slogan “No fish, No nothing” serves as our motto to support the activities of BLUE.

Devon Aoki is the face of our Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, once again conducted in collaboration with our friends from TOILETPAPER.

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Her American, European and Asian roots as well as her striking doll-like face led to her rise as one of the most unique-looking and beloved top models. For this campaign, we rediscover a siren in a surreal universe of striking colors.

Whether abstract or figurative, the wave is one of the iconic designs of our Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It is clearly inspired by the Pacific Ocean whose waters lap against the California coast, the homeland of Humberto and Carol and paradise for surfers from all over the world. The perpetual ebb and flow of waves also brings to mind constant renewal, a concept that has always been near and dear to the brand.


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This “wave crest” can be seen not only in the prints of this collection but also cuts, unique to the brand’s couture heritage. Large cut outs on the sides of numerous tops and coats offer glimpses of curve of the back and intriguing overlay designs.

A recurring color of the KENZO palette, blue dominates the Spring/Summer collections.

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From pastel hues to royal blue in the resort collection, which conveys a certain sense of tranquility and makes a subtle transition with sky blue from the fall-winter 2013 collection. It becomes more severe as the radical, neo-punk tone shifts more towards deeper, darker shades of navy, at times even International Klein Blue in the Spring/Summer collections.

Californian architecture was a major source of inspiration for the women’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The angular structure of the metal heels of the shoes evoke the rectangular and minimalist metal constructions of case study houses. Their perforations echo the style of futuristic googie buildings, which drew inspiration from the space age.

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For the mens show Fall/Winter 2014, american architecture was again a source of inspiration for Carol and Humberto. This time, they traveled to the rainy Pacific Northwest and their mysterious and ghostly workers' houses. These houses might appear banal at first glance, but they have layers and history when you look deeper. As stated in the collection, things are not always what they seem…