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Since taking the helm as artistic directors for KENZO in July 2011, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have succeeded in reviving the fresh air and creative energy that invigorated the brand in its 70s heyday.

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With vibrant colors, modern cuts, digitalized prints, unexpected events and amusing campaigns they brought to the streets, the pair has managed to capture the spirit of the house, all the better to add their trademark twist. This youthful energy is their signature: raw, spontaneous and urban. The streewear pieces of the collection brings a younger generation of KENZO fans to our community and they have a playful attitude towards fashion and themselves. 


The letter “X”, the ultimate symmetrical letter and the symbol of crossings, has always been part of our DNA but Carol and Humberto organised its first comeback in Jean-Paul Goude’s campaign for Fall/Winter 2012. Two dancers – one male, one female – forming an X, were incorporated into the KENZO logo. 

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The image can be flipped like a playing card. Roles can be exchanged. This idea behind the visual was too good not to be used again in the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. With the “X” now recognized as a new symbol for the brand, the campaign is decidedly anchored in the collective memory. And people recognize it, this fall, as a stylistic pattern of the women's collection on skirts, dresses and pants inspired by the kimono.

This is our number six spread by Charlie Engman for the story on our criss cross pieces, featuring beautiful Ataui!