Kira Bunse is a German photographer who lives in Paris. She photographed our first editorial photo shoot of the season, a men story on the Clouds prints (we have already revealed the first two images in the spread of the week section). We chose Kira because her work has a natural softness and at the same time something tougher, a contrast that you will also find in the KENZO Fall/Winter 2013 menswear collection.



Images: polaroids by Kira Bunse from the Clouds story making of

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KENZINE: Can you tell us a bit about your background in photography? How did you start? Who inspired you?
KIRA BUNSE: I started photography when I was 16 at school. I was inspired by Larry Clark, Nan Goldin and Jim Goldberg.


K: Why did you come to Paris? 
K. B.: I always felt like I belonged here. Every time I came to Paris, I wanted more so I decided to move here.


K: Three words to describe your work?
K. B.: Simple, natural, sensitive.


K: What inspires your work today?
K. B.: People and things that really change something or people who have paved the way.



K: What was the concept around this photo shoot on the clouds print?
K.B.: I wanted to show all the facets of this collection focusing on those little fluffy clouds.


K: Would you say that our generation was built on those two ideas of being romantic and tough at the same time in the nineties?
K.B.: Yes, I think that is still the same just with a larger range of possibilities.



K: What music were you listening to on the photo shoot?

K.B.: Folk, hip hop (my big love) and house music.


K: What do you like about KENZO?
K.B.: The fact that KENZO has reinvented itself completely since Carol and Humberto arrived. It is a totally modern brand that plays with references from the past and gives them a completely new dimension, infusing them with a dash of innovation.