Tête à tête with MIKE D.

For our men Spring/Summer 2014 show, Humberto and Carol asked Mike D. to produce a track inspired by the Californian scene. The result is a track is called "Humberto vs The New Reactionaries". Christine and the Queens remix, pretty much influenced by American punk!

Mike comes back on the whole process for us...

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KENZINE: What inspired you when writing the music for the Kenzo show?

MIKE D.: Talking to Humberto, I wanted to honor what he was inspired by: American hardcore like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks but then I wanted to update it, or maybe couldn't help but to update it.


K: What made you want to work with Carol, Humberto and the Kenzo label? How did this collaboration come about?

M: We were introduced by a mutual friend and collaborator, Spike Jonze. My experience has been that when good people are put together by other good people good things come of it. And voila.


K: How did this collaboration evolve?
M: I kinda just got right into it, sending music off to Humberto and Carol for feedback as I progressed.


K: Do you listen to some music when you work on a track?

M: Not directly, once I am in creation mode, it's game on. BUT, I have been listening to a fair amount of trap records and I think that found it's way into things on this for sure.


K: In which way do you think the production and the sounds you chose reflect the spirit of the collection?

M: I definitely shared Humberto's passion for American Punk and that raw energy and I think that informs the collection and the soundtrack I did.


K: In which conditions was this soundtrack recorded?

M: Mostly at Oscilloscope laboratories, NYC.


K: Was it your first time at writing a soundtrack to a fashion show? How different is it from writing an album?

M: Yes, definitely a first, which made me want to do it. It was more like scoring a soundtrack for a movie, but without an actual film.


K: Lots of your tunes are perfect to dance to, but in a fashion show, models walk. What rules do you need to respect when you want to write the perfect music to walk to?

M: I think I am more comfortable being ignorant of rules.


K: You've always had a recognizable style. How important is fashion in your everyday life? What aspects of fashion interest you the most?

M: I've always been more captivated by that kid that clearly has an individual solo sound track. That dresses, walks, moves to his or her own frequency often for years before anyone else catches on.

K: What values do you feel you're sharing with this brand?

M: Some hot beats and energy.


K: Does Paris have any particular sentimental value for you?

M: Yes, in a lot of ways actually, with both my real family and my band family.

K: What are you currently or soon going to be working on?

M: This Kenzo shit!


K: Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere in the world?

M: So many places. Morocco and a lot of North Africa. Egypt. Certain surf breaks in Indonesia and Mexico that I have never been to.