Tête à Tête with Robbie McKinnon

Robbie McKinnon is a rising star hailing from England, and the male face of our KENZO Fall/Winter 2014 campaign. After shooting the campaign with Toiletpaper, we caught up with the jet-setter to find more about him.

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KENZINE: Hi Robbie, tell us a bit about yourself…

Robbie McKinnon: I'm from a really small town in the south of England. There's not really much to do there, so I'm really thankful for the opportunities I've had through modelling and how I get to see so much of the world. When I do get a bit of time off I just hang out with friends back home as much as possible because I hate not seeing them for sometimes months at a time.


K: The TOILETPAPER team have a style and approach that is totally their own. What was it like working with them?

R.M.: The Toiletpaper team were great! They really looked after me, not just on the shoot, but helped me out with getting to grips with a city I'd never been to before, which I'm super grateful for.


K: Tell us what is what like working alongside Guinevere van Seenus?

R.M.: It was amazing to work with such a big name. She's a real industry icon! Not only was she great to shoot with, but when we weren't in front of the camera she was so relaxed, down to earth and friendly - exactly the kind of person you want to be shooting with.


K: What was your favourite KENZO piece you wore during the shoot?

R.M.: I really couldn’t pick one, I loved it all! KENZO just seem to constantly come up with the goods. I think that when it comes to fashion the designs have to be unique but still wearable and KENZO can pull that off perfectly.


K: Any little morsels of gossip from the shoot you'd care to share with us?
R.M.: Let's just say that the shots are amazing! Expect lots of bright colours.


K: What's your favourite KENZO icon: Tiger, Eye, Fish or Monster?

R.M.: Definitely the tiger! The tiger is the sole reason my bank account is almost always empty! A good friend of mine tells me I have the tiger on my chest too often, but you can never have too much of a good thing right?!


K: If you were stranded on a desert island, what couldn't you live without?

R.M.: My iPod. I love to just put my headphones in and escape from the real world for a bit.


K: At KENZO, travel influences everything we do. What are your next travel plans?

R.M.: I need a holiday! It's been pretty relentless for the last two seasons so I'm jetting off to Tenerife with a few friends soon. A bit of sun, sea and sand is exactly what I need after fashion week!

Robbie also walked in our Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 show last month in Paris.