Wendy's Chinese Spare Ribs

While it's no secret that Humberto's mom, Wendy, is one of the most talented and inventive chefs around, her recipes have been the best kept secret... Until now! In her new series here on the KENZO blog, Wendy will be sharing some of her amazing original recipes for us!
Wendy's spare ribs are one of Humberto's all time favorite dishes, and now it can be one of yours too! Wendy lays out the how-to in a few easy steps below:


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Cut ribs into about 3cm long pieces. Most butchers will do this for you, but if you do it yourself be careful to cut the bone cleanly and not to crush them into small pieces!

Pour about 15ml of canola oil into a pot with the heat on medium.
Sautee ginger and garlic until garlic is light brown.
Then add the ribs and let them also start to brown.
Then add 15 ml of chinese cooking rice wine
Add 15 ml oyster sauce
15 ml soy sauce
1/2 block of brown sugar
And finally add in about 250 ml of water
Stir all the ingredients together, and cover, stirring occasionally. Cook for about 40 minutes on medium, until pork is dark brown, and firm. It should be cooked just enough to fall easily off the bone!
Garnish with basil and serve with rice!

1 kilo (2 lbs) of pork spare ribs
5 pieces of garlic
5-6 thing 2.5cm (1") slices of ginger
1/2 cube of Chinese brown sugar [roughly 3cm x 8cm x 1 cm (1" x 3" by 1/4")]
15 ml (1 tbsp) canola oil
15 ml cooking rice wine
15 ml soy sauce
15 ml oyster sauce
250 ml (1/2 cup) water

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