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The Spring/Summer 2015 collection enjoys reinterpreting Paris from a postcard point of view, while the Torn Paper print represents the insider's view of the city. The pattern evokes billboards that fill the streets and metro stations. Ads are placed on top of each other and strips are torn away as the weeks go by leaving a heterogeneous collage of spreads randomly put together.

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Like these posters, the Torn Paper print superimposes the different patterns of the season. A first layer appears: some orange and pale green Dots and Logo. And then, a piece of Breton Stripes hides the Badges pattern with the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. A brand new print alluding to Paris and all its aspects.  

This spring, the collection is going nautical with plenty of striped jerseys, pea jackets and sailor pants. 

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The pants, originally designed for sailors in the 18th century, still continue to seduce today thanks to their flattering cut. The central fly was removed to avoid any risks of being hitched to cords and to enable sea men to slide down rope knots. The trapezium-shaped yoke that folded on the front of the trousers was added for an extra layer. Pea jackets were worn to cover the buttons of the pants.


At KENZO, our sailor pants are embellished with "Gold Coins", the recurrent gold blazons in the collection. These high-waisted pants highlight the silhouette and their flared shape creates a balance between casualness and elegance. 

KENZO’s spiritual home has always been somewhere in the wide open world.  It’s why Kenzo Takada named his shop in Galerie Vivienne ‘Jungle Jap’.  Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have taken KENZO on a journey that goes far beyond the archives but today, it felt like we were back in the wild.  Inside a cavernous warehouse space on the edge of North East Paris, our eyes were drawn to the green and blue (a classic KENZO colour combo) striped background.  

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As the lights dimmed it was as if the space was playing tricks on us as it appeared that the backdrop was moving towards us, shrinking the space.  It suddenly split into seven WiFi controlled holographic blocks and they began to move in unison to reveal Saint Etienne, performing especially composed tracks ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and ‘After the Rain’.  Lim and Leon as well as traversing back to KENZO’s past also dipped into their own nostalgia as they were both fans of their debut 1991 album ‘Foxbase Alpha’.


As the moving blocks began its assault course around the runway, Issa Lish opened the show as a lone caped and hooded figure with a splay of white lighting up her eyes.  That first look set the tone for a collection that cocooned and blanketed us with warmth-inducing layers in forest greens, burgundies and yellows.  We were enveloped in the cosiest of capes, blanket coats and shearlings bundled up with raw-edged knits.  They often came with embellished hoods or wool caps with attached scarves that resembled a form of armor. 


This particular KENZO tribe strode forward in python platform Chelsea boots and carried nomadic cross body rucksacks. Like the deepening of a forest, the embellishment became dense with boucle embroidery, beaded flowers, fil coupe and stripes created by fringing.  Dissected rays and waves together with nocturnal floral prints harked back to KENZO’s florid printed past.  Under Lim and Leon’s these tried and tested motifs were even more abstracted.  Stripes were deliberately distorted and interrupted.  Florals were muted and darkened like new takes on the camouflage print.  

These rich protective cacophonies and the way the models were wrapped up, recalled the photographer Hans Feurer and his collaborative work with Takada in the 1980s when he took girls into far-flung places to shoot them in KENZO - their beauty enhanced by their surroundings.  It felt like Lim and Leon took us back to this spirit as this collection once again connected the KENZO woman today with nature.


As the models came striding out in a square formation, the holographic blocks were dancing their own magical choreography and throwing mesmerising tiny shards of reflections all around the set.  These abstracted “trees” seemed to represent some kind of mystical spirit of the forest and its plantation.  You thought of films like Avatar or to throw out an indulgently childish reference -  Pocahontas.  So, ‘can you paint with all the colours of the wind’?  Yes you can with the help of KENZO’s eclectic melange that we witnessed today.   

Discover our favorite street looks shot outside the Paris Event Center under a sunny and bright sky just before the beginning of the Women's Fall/Winter 2015 show!

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KENZO friends and families came again to support us at the Paris Event Center and discover the Fall/Winter 2015 women's collection!

Discover our best shots of Caroline Issa, Susie Lau,  The Misshapes, Kelly Rowland and many more!

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Kenzine takes you backstage at our Women's Fall/Winter 2015 show with a series of photographs shot just before the models walked down the runway. We discover our girls getting ready, hair styled by Anthony Turner and make up by Aaron de Mey!

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Every season, you have the same crush on the blue and white striped jersey but easily get bored of its dull look? Get ready to be satisfied this time!

Originally reserved to sailors, civilians started wearing it after the World War I on Deauville’s boards. And what follows up is quite known by everyone. The striped jersey has been adopted by all and became a standard-bearer of French culture, its natural elegance, its freedom and boldness.

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This season at KENZO, stripes and logo place on top of each other while the endless blue stripe print is shorten, creating new geometrical and asymmetrical forms looking definitely modern! 

Goats all have something in common: they are rather nice and creative. But there are five categories of goats and they are all linked to an element. If you are born under the sign of the year, here's a chance to know more about your lunar profile.


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If you are born in 1991, you are... A Gold goat.
You build your own career step by step and sometimes you can be stubborn. But despite your ambition, you’re kind-hearted. Your chance comes and goes so if you are lucky this year, save money for when it will rain.

If you are born in 2003, you are... A Water goat.
You could sacrifice your own interests for others and you're such a great friend that your generosity could lose you. Your carrier should turn your life into something better and better with time and in parallel, love will never leave you.


If you are born in 1955, you are... A Wood goat.
You're always here to help but you might turn into a control freak, doing everything by yourself. You're a solitary person and you often live alone or feel lonely even if you share your life with someone you love, leaving very little room for a third person.


If you are born in 1967, you are... A Fire goat.
You're a very honest and transparent person and your abilty to tell the truth can sometimes make things difficult with some people. Most of the time, people like you matter and you are surrounded by a lot of friends. You are very sentimental and you need an independent person to take care of yourself. You also become a better version of yourself with time, taking other people's advice into consideration.


If you are born in 1979, you are... An Earth goat.
You are very straightforward and will never harm a friend. You can manage any difficulty at work because you always receive unexpected support in the end. You follow your feelings too much and do not have a very rational mind so be careful when it gets to heavy financial investments.

In a few words, the Goat could be described as a calm, gentle and honest.
They have good values, are dedicated to those they love and would do anything for them.

They are emotional creative minds and show a lot of determination and mental. Though, they are not leaders unless they have strong personality and they would rather stay in the shadow and observe than being in the spotlights. They don't share much about their personal life and that's why it takes time to build a relationship with them.

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They have a strong aesthetic sense and like to purchase beautiful products, though they are not snobbish. Eating healthy food most of the time and trying to loose themselves in great outdoors as much as possible, they have a connection with nature.

Lucky numbers: 2 and 7
Lucky days: 7th and 30th
Lucky colors: brown, red and purple
Lucky flowers: carnations and primroses
Lucky direction: north

They could find love with a rabbit, a horse and a pig, find a friend in a tiger and are complementary with goats and monkeys!

Lunar New Year Eve is approaching while you’re having some doubts regarding the menu. Do not panic, the week dedicated to the arrival of the year of the goat continues at KENZO and today, we’re talking food!

For technical reasons, it is important that dinner only begins when the whole family is there. No premature snacking!

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Do not be afraid of cooking too much food because what remains at the end is a sign of prosperity and according to the tradition, the "Spring Banquet" only ends at dawn.

Regarding the meal itself, fish is one of the most important dishes. Like everything that comes from the sea, it is a sign of wealth. It is often served with rice or noodles whose length indicates longevity. Bamboo, a symbol of youth, will also be part of the feast.

And right after enjoying the soup comes the dessert. On the menu: fruits and sweets. Fortunes Cookie? Of course not! This is a pure American invention. The tradition is actually to have the "New Year's cake", a rice cake supposed to guarantee growth. It is often served with clementines, whose meaning is synonymous in Chinese as "happy event". Yummy!