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Island Spirit Published on 01/05/2018

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Island spirit

A young woman, briefly escaping from the listless haze of her daily office life, boards a boat bound a Japanese island for a vacation. She wanders alone and silent.
In the distance, a shadow appears, only to flicker out of sight just as suddenly. Gradually, the young woman and the shadow play an abstract game of cat and mouse throughout the teeming flora of the island.
This hide-and-seek game culminates in a ritual in which the shadow anoints the woman with seawater, leading to an embrace while waist deep in the ocean. With the embrace, woman and spirit merge with the water surrounding the island, becoming one with the waves.
The prints of KENZO La Collection Memento N°2 - with playful nods to the silhouettes of fishermen, pearl divers, and swimwear - elevate the air of melancholy whimsy.
Our latest editorial takes the form of a neo-Kwaidan - ghost story - shot by C.G. Watkins, in a japanese island.

in the passages underwater these diving sands

a voice spirit

from wading to seaweed the sun caressed streets to the secrets beach

no one wading

along this remembering but I, this shadow haunting

in the longing creeping no passages can warm how soon it must harbor

a sugarcane bird's sea

a spirit's boat into the surf turtle ruins again

frog island,

the sand is haunting of haunting

treasures from the diving

surf unknown cliffs in the gaze

the distance sand his secrets shadow

secret marshes tiger, that song,

to the vine in nature

echoe's shadow

flowers of the remembering the ghost's ruins through

don't sun, caress sweat, vine

must underwater

creeping cliffs

as water who flowers breath and seaweed

swimming seaweed,

how much haunting of the sea? the sugarcane is surface

flowers, those turtles chanting we ruin a waiting sugarcane on a treasures in passages

ropes the remembering

caress, memories fruit in diving with no swimming to morning


Photography by CG Watkins
Styling: Ai Kamoshita
Model: Kirika @Tateoka Office Japan/Elite Milan, Ayumu
Production & Casting: Taka Arakawa, Mari Murakami

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