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A Hard Day's Night Published on 17/10/2016

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“My photographs are a record of the people who have reached their limit and exhausted their strength after the daily grind.

Everyone has different burdens, but everyone lives at a frantic pace. People drink with friends as a reward for the hard day’s work and face a new day’s work like warriors.

I took these pictures with a true feeling of respect for the people in them. I don’t believe the state my subjects are in is shabby in any way. I can feel they have experienced hardships and fatigue to end up like this.”

Kenji Kawamoto about his series,
Yopparai Tengoku (Drunkards' Heaven)


In Japan, white collar workers have a reputation for working hard and playing harder. Kenji Kawamoto’s pictures document the end point of long nights out on the town with friends and colleagues. For KENZO, he teamed up with stylist Victoire Simonney to re-enact his original pictures, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, documentary photography and fashion photography.

– Kenji Kawamoto, Yopparai Tengoku

– Kenji Kawamoto, Yopparai Tengoku

– Kenji Kawamoto, Yopparai Tengoku

– Kenji Kawamoto, Yopparai Tengoku

Photographer: Kenji Kawamoto
Stylist: Victoire Simonney