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The KENZO Move is back for 2018 with a burst of multicolored freshness, and new colors call for new movements. For the Spring Summer 18 collection, KENZO called on various collaborators to conceive and express the vivacity and energy of the new kicks through dance.
A global casting call looking for dancers from different fields and nationalities came up with a roster of exceptional individuals. They incarnate a different color (light grey, dark blue, pink, red orange or yellow) and translate it into movement.

1/8 - Mint

“I constructed my dance and my style through different influences like Jazz, hip-hop, classical and contemporary. One could say that I have a blended style. Contempo/urban!
I felt free to dance and in my movements in my KENZO clothes. The sneakers are light and very easy to dance with. It’s easy to dance on half-point and offers good flexibility for your feet. They’re like socks. I loved wearing them to dance.“

Hajiba wears the Mint KENZO Move

2/8 - Fench Blue

“The style I danced is original vogueing, also known as “Pop, dip and spin“. I have only been vogueing for a year but became quickly obsessed. It’s a solo dance, the interpretations of the foundations are specific to your body and personality but you end up developing a language that everyone understands… I hope. Fashion, just like music and dance, can evoke an emotion or idea by itself. When mixed with another element it can create a more thorough image or a new idea altogether.“

Patrick wears the Fench Blue KENZO Move

3/8 - Navy Blue

“I was around 9 years old when I discovered ballet. It was a style that intrigued me, so far removed from anything I ever knew, so delicate and strong. I knew then that I wanted to become a ballet dancer. As an adult, I have discovered that I like to fuse modern and broken movement with classical line. Dance is within me, it’s my freest state of mind.“

Sophie wears the Navy Blue KENZO Move

4/8 - Red Orange

“I walked into a class where the heavyweights of my area were dancing. I fell in love immediately. I soon discovered hip-hop. I trained and soon worked with choreographers and dancers from varying disciplines. My dance became a memory and a mix of all these encounters.
When we dance, we’re trying to connect to the present. And when we are connected to the present, we confront life itself. I think fashion needs dance to give life to clothing. To connect it to the now.“

Feroz wears the Red Orange KENZO Move

5/8 - Flamingo Pink

“I had a great desire to be a dancer from when I was very young, it has always allowed me to express things that I couldn’t necessarily say with words. Dance and fashion both engage us on the level of the corporeal body, allowing us to sense ourselves in a more complete way, I think they are very compatible and equally as fun.“

Gala wears the Flamingo Pink KENZO Move

6/8 - Blue

“I hope to touch the marginalized and the passionate with this video. Young people who are the future of our society. Black people who are underrepresented in fashion. I learned to dance thanks to my Congolese family. We would always dance at birthday parties. However, it wasn’t until 2007 with the birth of Electro Dance, the first urban dance style in France, that I was immediately inspired to get into this industry.“

Brandon wears the Blue KENZO Move

7/8 - Light Grey

“I learned to dance when I was a kid and found it interesting because I learned more about my body through dancing. It became an addiction. I think fashion and dance are in the same category.“

8/8 - Light Grey