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Tone on tone liberty sweater, KENZO
  • Tone on tone liberty sweater
  • €190.00
  • Colors+ Other colors
Mini tiger sweater, KENZO
  • Mini tiger sweater
  • €190.00
  • Colors+ Other colors
KENZO cutout sweatshirt, KENZO
  • KENZO cutout sweatshirt
  • €290.00
Statue of liberty sweater, KENZO
  • Statue of liberty sweater
  • €350.00
Cable Knit Sweater, KENZO
  • Cable Knit Sweater
  • €270.00
K breton striped sweater, KENZO
  • K breton striped sweater
  • €220.00
Dots & Stripes sweater, KENZO
  • Dots & Stripes sweater
  • €250.00
  • OUI NON Sweater
  • €220.00
  • Colors+ Other colors
Dots & Stripes sweater, KENZO
  • Dots & Stripes sweater
  • €320.00
Striped sweater, KENZO
  • Striped sweater
  • €220.00