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The Looks




Our KENZO collection for spring-summer 2016 follows the global traveler as she confidently collects an unexpected mix of elements. She nonchalantly translates the souvenirs of her holiday adventures into her day-to-day wardrobe.  She always has her swimwear at hand as she might find a place to stop for a dip en route to her next destination. She always has her swimwear at hand as she might find a place to stop for a dip en route to her next destination.


Carol & Humberto

The video of the Show

Collection notes

Collection notes


Far away up close, close up far away

A voyage often starts from within, seems to suggest KENZO’s Spring Summer 2016 collection: through its print-blocking and multitude of harmonious clashes, it suggests traveling occurs on a daily basis – from voyages to the other end of the world to simply taking the bus to another neighborhood.

The designers begin by hijacking a history of ethnic fashion by picking non-Western details – yet refusing to exotify the cultures those are from.

The other is within all of us and vice-versa, seems to say this rather existentialist collection. In today’s highly connected world, the notion of otherness is both everywhere and nowhere: frontiers have fallen between very close and very far, inside and outside, private and public. Although the collection cites memories of trips through Arabic and pan-African culture with a pop twist, it is also merged with local folklore such as pixelated Vichy or sporty houndstooth.

Traveling should occur on a daily basis, suggest the accessories: fanny packs are fit for a safari as for a trip to a local flea market; bathing suits are morphed into visible underwear, and orthopedic diving sandals are ideal to a dive into a faraway beach or the local swimming pool.

More than ever today, KENZO aims for a contemporary cultural hybrid, for a citizen of a new world.