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La Collection Memento n°1 Published on 20/09/2017

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La Collection MementoN°1

The campaign for La Collection Memento n°1 returns to Lanzarote with legendary photographer Hans Feurer to pay tribute to the iconic photos created in collaboration with Kenzo Takada in the early 80's.

As La Collection Memento n°1's flora and fauna prints, incendiary colors, and daring proportions take as much inspiration from Feurer’s images as they do from the ’83 collection itself, we decided to ask Feurer to return the clothes to the island and bring the story full circle.

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“At the time, when Kenzo asked me to do pictures for him, he didnʼt really have a concept of how he wanted these pictures to be. I had this idea of doing extreme closeups and sort of suggesting without really showing. So I asked him how far I could go. What if I wanted to only do close-ups of womenʼs eyes? He said “if thatʼs what you want, do that”. He gave me complete carte blanche. His trust was absolute, it was really extraordinary. “

Hans Feurer

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