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Utopia Is Possible Published on 15/04/2019

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Photography by Vicky King

In a utopian land, nomads have traversed the globe over to reach a spiritual communion, both liberating and mysterious. For KENZO’s Summer 2019 editorial, photographer Vicki King has envisaged a beautiful new world in a dream-like state. UTOPIA IS POSSIBLE is an open invitation to all walks of people, to create a new home unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Come one, come all - and embrace our vision of the future.


The initiation ceremony commences, a spiritual hallucination that unifies our growing collective in deep transcendence. This is the beginning, the start of a new generation - a ritual has been cast and a beautiful trance befalls us.


A long, hazy journey to paradise, the pilgrimage to find positive enlightenment and freedom is finally reached. Unifying their vivacious energy, a new home is built under the sun. Brought together by peaceful wanderlust, an idyllic future is possible.


A circle of fire, flaming in the desert is lit up in celebration of harmony, optimism and community. Arising from the embers is the Phoenix, the mythological bird - who in death bursts into flames, and is reborn once again from the ashes.

Photographer: Vicki King
Photo assistant: Hector Quintero

Model: Yuki Benyiya
Model: Maddie Seisay
Model: Dourane Fall
Model: Malcom Sal
Model: Ranny Cooper

Styling: Ai Kamoshita
Styling assistant: Jake Hunte
Hair & Make-up: Kiyoko Odo @Bryant
Hair & Make-up assistant: Alfredo Aguirre

Set designer: Andrew Lim Clarkson @Bryant
Set designer assistant: Jorge Sanchez

Production: LG STUDIO
Producer: Gracie Yabsley
Local producer: Diego Valladolid