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KENZOTOPIA Published on 07/01/2019

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The image of utopia — a collective dream of a better world — has long trailed the edges of the popular culture. With its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, KENZO dives headfirst into a contemporary take on this idealized reality, one overflowing with imagination, color, daring juxtapositions, and artistic freedom.

KENZOTOPIA draws inspiration from the rites and rituals of both underground subcultures and renaissance painting. Eye-catching, lush hues playfully mingle with iconic silhouettes cast into wild new shapes and set ablaze with sizzling prints and fabrics. Inside a vivid, electric Eden constructed by photographer David LaChapelle with KENZO creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, these looks suggest the fantastical attire for new ceremonies of the future.

Equal parts opulent and psychedelic, LaChapelle has synthesized a visual utopia for this season in which oppositions between urban and wild, inside and outside, fantasy and reality, are upturned in favor of a surreal, electric swirl of hope, dreams, and energy. The essence of utopia has always been, at heart, about the possibility of a new community. KENZOTOPIA brings this new coming together into wild, full bloom — an invitation to the next generation of joy and potential.

Photographer: David LaChapelle
Set Design: Jack Flanagan
Styling: Anna Trevelyan
Hair Styling: Laurent Philippon
Make Up: Sarah Tanno & Dana Delaney
Nail Artist: Naomi Yasuda
Casting Directors: The Secret Gallery, Samantha Blake Goodman, Bok Creative
Video: John Byrne
Music: Kingdom, "Getaway Kind"
Behind the scenes images and video: Sage Seb
Music behind the scenes video: Sinjin Hawke, "Shimmer"
Production: CXA, Inc.
Casting: Zane Alexandre, Alyson Cai, Quinn Falls, Guetcha Good, Jalin Gordon, Asia Grey, Savannah Harrison, Devin & Gaberial Higgins, Jae Won Kim, Andre Lamone, Wendy Leon, Alton Mason, Nadja Marinkowic, Karen McDonald, Sam Ortiz, Jasmine Sandoval, Richie Shazam, Evelyn Wander Wende, Sydney Wiley