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Sun to Sun Published on 24/05/2016

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Inspired by KENZO’s Japanese-accented Pre-Fall collection, duo Partel Oliva wrote and directed “Sun To Sun”, a girl-centric version of “Momotarō”, a classic Japanese folk tale. Shot in Kamakura, Fujisawa and Tokyo, the film follows Momoko and her crew of Harajuku queens and bikers. It features animation by Sanghon Kim and music by legendary collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi.

Can you tell us about the legend you decided to rewrite?

In his current incarnation, dating from the 18th century, Momotarō is a beloved hero of Japanese folklore. Born from a giant peach to a childless couple, Momotarō leaves home to fight a band of marauding demons on a distant island. On the way, he befriends a dog, a monkey and a pheasant, who become his allies.

In our version, Momotarō becomes Momoko, an ambiguous young girl, and his animal friends morph into biker couples with delinquent tendencies.

Partel Oliva

How do you feel on a bike?

It’s a mix of careful strength
and a bit of freedom.

Tomoko, The Monkey

How do people react here in Japan
when they see you on your bike?

Girl bikers are so rare, people
often say I look strong.
They give me some respect for that.

Tomoko, The Monkey

It was your first time on a bike, how was it?

I was very excited, a little bit afraid
at first, but soon it felt like flying.

Yiran, The Monkey

When did you start riding bikes?

I was born into it.
You could find me on a mini-bike at six
year old. It’s natural to me.

Sakika, The Dog

Favorite things to do with friends?

We’re a big crew of girls, so we need space
in restaurants. We like that Mexican place
on a rooftop in Daikanyama.

Yuri, The Pheasant

Written & Directed by Partel Oliva
Animation: Sanghon Kim
Stylist: Victoire Simonney
Casting: Keisuke Fujita

Beni & Yumi Tomioka as Momoko
Moe & Sakika Ikuta as The Dog
Yiran & Tomoko Miyazaki as The Monkey
Aya Okamoto & Yuri Iszk as The Pheasant
Kimura Kazue as The Grandmother

"Momoko Rising" written by Jeremy Chatelain
"Chaos" written by Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Sound design and mix by Nömak

Photos: Keisuke Fujita & Partel Oliva
Interviews: Gino Delmas