• small leathergoods 

'KENZO Paris' large pouch
'KENZOGRAM' clutch
'KENZOGRAM' clutch
NT$ 9,050
Large 'KENZO Emboss' leather pouch
'KENZO Emboss' leather phone case
'KENZO Emboss' leather wallet
Large 'KENZOGRAPHY' nylon clutch
'KENZO Utility' large canvas pouch
'KENZO Utility' large canvas pouch
Large 'Boke Flower' purse
Large 'Boke Flower' purse
'KENZO Jungle' phone shoulder bag
Gusset clutch 'KENZO Tag' in canvas
Large leather 'KENZOGRAM' pouch
'KENZOGRAM' leather card holder
'KENZO Stamp' leather card holder


Adopt the KENZO PARIS style down to the last detail. Our selection of small leather goods combines practicality and aesthetics to accompany you every day, or for gifting. Coin purse, wallet, passport and card holders in different materials and colours... dare standing out with a touch of elegance in your everyday style.

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