• women's bags 

'KENZOGO' shoulder bag
'KENZOGO' belt bag
'KENZOGO' belt bag
NT$ 16,600
'KENZO Beach' small raffia tote bag
'KENZO Beach' large raffia tote bag
'KENZO Utility' tote bag
'KENZO Boke' leather handbag
'KENZO Boke' leather shoulder bag
'KENZO Varsity' embroidered handbag
'KENZOGRAPHY' backpack
'KENZOGRAPHY' leather backpack
'KENZOGRAPHY' leather shoulder bag
'KENZOGRAM' backpack
'KENZOGRAM' belt bag
'Boke Flower' leather shoulder bag


The KENZO PARIS bags for women are practical and sophisticated creations which will be the perfect finishing touch to your outfits. Backpacks, handbags, clutches, bumbags. These KENZO PARIS bags will elevate your urban looks as well as your evening outfits. Carry around your essentials without compromising style with our iconic collections, and vary your looks while giving them a playful twist thanks to our various shoulder straps.

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