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Girls At Rest Publié le 25/10/2016

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Girls At Rest

Inspirée de notre collection Hiver, les photographes Partel Oliva et la styliste Tamara Rothstein ont imaginé l’histoire de trois jeunes filles venues se remettre d'une longue nuit blanche à travers les rituels d’une guérisseuse solitaire.

At the end of the night, blue dawn folding into new day,
they come to me.

Never mind what they did,
Or didn’t do the night before,
They come to the house
Built with my husband back in ’84.

(I remember the young architect
So proud of our trust
And the tower that bisects.)

Who knows how my name,
Forgotten all around,
Survives among these girls.

Who told them I could, if pressed,
Ban the noise of the city
From roving about their flesh.

What a day,
Every day I don’t wake up in a burning house.
Every dawn they enter spent, sleepy, cold,
And exit anew through the door he used to call louvered.

Photographes : Partel Oliva
Styliste : Tamara Rothstein
Assistant photographe : Guillaume Blondiau
Modèles : Amelia Rami @ MP Paris, Blesnya @ Elite Paris, Manami Kinoshita @ Storm Manageme
Masseuse : Khanthaly Manokoun
Coiffure : Jawara
Maquillage : Nami Yoshida

Architecte de la maison Michel SEBBAN / Sculpture d’Albert HIRSCH